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Bitcoin Mango is more than just dried fruit; Our Berlin based startup stands for a sustainable and innovative approach to drying fruits using the excess heat from bitcoin miners in Paraguay, which results in reducing our carbon footprint by up to 2.5 tons / MW.

Social impact matters to us, too. By involving the local community that collects and processes the mangoes, we help low income households to increase incomes by up to 50%.

Moreover, we donate 10% to bitcoin core developers to support the Bitcoin community.

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Bitcoin Mango

We not only offer a variety of pack sizes to suit every need and occasion, every pack comes with insightful Bitcoin facts.

So whether you're a bitcoin enthusiast, a sustainability advocate, or simply a lover of great-tasting snacks, Bitcoin Mango offers an experience that's both delicious and impactful.

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Green Mining Dao

Exclusive Partnership

Together with our exclusive partner Green Mining DAO we make this project possible and bring the Mangoes from Paraguay right to your door. Interested in investing in Bitcoin Mining? Then follow the link below.

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Want to meet us and experience the Bitcoin Mango in person? Together with Green Mining DAO we will be participating in several events and conferences. Come by and chat with our team!

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