For Business

Be part of the first Bitcoin dried Mango business subscription, or in other words: The coolest innovation since Bitcoin!

In the current work environment junk food (fatty or sugary processed foods) are not only common, but prevalent. They are making employees unhealthy, and also lower their overall performance ( = business performance), which is scientifically proven.

The Bitcoin Mango business subscription is the healthy alternative to that, supporting your employees' health and improving therefore also the performance of your business.

Still not convinced? Find below more reasons and facts, why you should partner with us!

Health & Sustainability

The Solution

An organic, healthy snack for your team to navigate through the challenges of performing at work

  • Boosts your employees productivity
  • Educates your team on the importance of Bitcoin
  • Enables the financial revolution
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Social impact: supports local communities in Paraguay

The Science Behind

Increased Productivity

  • Long focus (stabilize blood sugar)
  • 100% Mango, 0% Added Sugars100% Organic Snack
  • Lots of Fiber
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Full of nutrients with:

- Vitamin A for better cognition

- Vitamin C for immunity support

- B6 for better brain function

- Folic acid improving heart health

- Potassium for fluid balance

Supporting Bitcoin

Drive the Financial Revolution

  • Mangoes are dried exclusively by Bitcoin Miners by our exclusive partner Green Mining DAO
  • You secure the Bitcoin Network with every mango 
  • Educate your team with cool facts on Bitcoin 
  • Eliminate the FIAT standard in a fun way
  • 10% of profits are donated to Bitcoin Core developers
Check out Green Mining DAO


Environmental Impact

We decrease 2,5 tons of CO2/MW bitcoin mining using excess heat to dry mangoes - technological synergy at its best!

Supporting Local Communities

Social Impact

  • Mangoes are picked from streets by local households
  • Tons of waste can be prevented

Result: Up to 50% more income for local low income families just by collecting & selling mangoes to our partners ReMango.

Educational Insights

Keep educating your team

On every Bitcoin Mango pack we provide educational insights bringing together Bitcoin enthusiasts and newbies:

  • Unique facts on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining and the financial system
  • Easy & Fun
  • Expansive & playful
  • Good starter for any conversation / discussion

Educated employees rock!

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